Vaud based startup L2F awarded a CHF 500,000 FIT Tech Growth loan

FIT | 04 November 2019

Learn 2 Forecast (L2F), a startup based in Ecublens, has been awarded a CHF 500,000 FIT Tech Growth loan from Vaud’s Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). The firm has developed a technology that can boost the effectiveness of machine learning.

L2F has created a sophisticated method for modeling complex data and enhancing the performance of machine learning programs. Its technology combines artificial intelligence with topology, a branch of advanced mathematics that studies the spatial properties of geometrical objects. The resulting process, called topological data analysis, can detect previously unidentified structures in large data sets and opens up a new field of research.

The innovative software developed by L2F applies topological data analysis to machine learning. “Our program identifies new structures and new spatial relationships for characterizing data, meaning it can improve the precision of machine learning and generate results that are easier to interpret,” says Aldo Podestà, CEO of L2F.

The company’s software is intended mainly for data scientists working in predictive analytics. “Until now, scientists have had a hard time understanding some of the decisions made by machine learning programs, especially when those decisions incorporate many factors. But with our software, they can delve deeper into artificial intelligence and find explanations for the decisions,” says Podestà.

L2F’s software, called Giotto, is an open-source program developed in association with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). It was released on 21 October. The company, which currently has 25 employees, plans to use the FIT Tech Growth loan to further enhance Giotto and develop proprietary commercial applications associated with the software.

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Aldo Podestà, CEO | a. podesta(at)