The FIT grants its two first FIT Digital Growth loans (CHF 200’000) to the Vaud startups Neho and Alaya

FIT | 11 December 2018

Neho and Alaya each obtained a loan of CHF 200’000 from FIT Digital, the new program launched by the FIT in May 2018. FIT Digital provides a financial help to entrepreneurs who are not necessarily connected to a university. In particular, the program helps innovating start-up projects with a strong growth potential, helping them to put the first development strategies in place. The FIT Digital Growth loan is the highest supporting model of the initiative (CHF 200’000).

Neho : the brokerage service with no commission

Launched early 2018, the estate agency Neho has shaken the market by proposing a brokerage service with no commission. The entire service leading to the sales of a property is billed CHF 7’500, whatever the selling prize. A revolution in a market where sellers became accustomed to pay tens of thousands in commissions.

Neho is able to offer its unique service by digitalizing a large portion of its processes and the savings are directly passed on to the property owners. A fair price that doesn’t compromise quality. Indeed, Neho takes care of its clients by managing the sale from A to Z, through a network of experimented agents that know their region as no one else.

Since its launch, Neho already signed 100 mandates. It is backed by the listed real estate group Investis that invested in the company. Neho counts 15 employees today. The FIT Digital loan will help the team continue to develop its offer and extend its activities to other regions across Switzerland.

Eric Corradin, co-founder and CEO
Tél. 078 687 92 05
Email :

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Neho in video

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Alaya : the digital platform for employee social engagement

Help employees engage in volunteering and philanthropy: this is the mission of Alaya, a startup born in 2018 from the fusion of two projects, Share a Dream and Hope it up. Alaya developed a digital social engagement platform, where the employees of a partnering company can offer their time and competences, make donations, collect goods or support NGOs via fundraising campaigns. In addition, the solution of Alaya allows companies to structure and develop their solidarity commitment programs. Smaller NGOs can also be supported, as 90% of the donations go to 1% of the biggest NGOs today (for ex. WWF or the Red Cross).

Based in the premises of the MassChallenge program in Renens, the young company counts 10 employees today. Alaya plans to hire two more staff members early 2019. Active in 20 countries, Alaya will pursue its international development in the coming years, starting with France and Europe.

Niklas Van Neyghem, co-founder and CEO
Tél. 076 448 13 44
Email :

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Alaya in video (launch of FIT Digital, May 2018)

Alaya’s team picture