The FIT grants CHF 400’000 to 4 new Western Switzerland startups

FIT | 06 August 2018

Largo Films, Aeler Technologies, Gliapharm and Ligentec are the four latest winners of the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) seed loan. Each startup received CHF 100’000 to further develop their business.

Largo Films (EPFL): A novel streaming platform for short films with the innovative features increasing the engagement of audience
Largo develops, an innovative video on-demand platform dedicated to movies shorter than 40 minutes. Largo’s technology allows targeted movies recommendations to the right audience, bringing engagement to new heights. comes at the right time: recently number of short films have increased a lot and they have become a new trend for a wider audience.
Largo will now use the support from the FIT for the technology transfer.

Contact: Sami Arpa | | +41 78 908 75 02

Aeler Technologies (EPFL): A novel container for freight transportation
The EPFL startup is rethinking a fundamental tool of international freight transportation: the shipping container. Aeler builds a 21st century-ready composite intermodal container embedded with state-of-the-art electronics and sensors. Through this tool, Aeler shall reduce operating costs during transport, increase security and safety, reduce fuel consumption and related emissions, and enable IoT traceability and visibility services at the level of the container.
The CHF 100’000 FIT loan will be used to create a real size prototype and use it with industrial partners for a first pilot phase.

Contact: Naïk Londono | | +41 76 495 55 87

Gliapharm (EPFL): A new approach to the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorder
The biotechnology startup GliaPharm develops treatments that are targeted at neurological and psychiatric disorders. Their innovative therapeutic approach is to target Glial Cells, the ‘support cells’ of neurons, to sustain and enhance brain metabolism in pathological conditions.
The support from the FIT shall help GliaPharm to bring its mission to reality, which is to become a leading biotechnology company.

Contact: Sylvain Lengacher, CEO | | +41 79 348 39 07

LIGENTEC (EPFL Innovation Park): Optical networks based on integrated silicon nitride photonics
LIGENTEC performs the research, development, fabrication and commercialisation of components and products related to optical systems based on integrated silicon nitride photonics. LIGENTEC reduces big optical systems to sizes smaller than a fingerprint. These optical systems also become more efficient in energy, thanks to new functionalities. LIGENTEC is present in markets such as telecommunications, quantum computing and bio-detection.

Contact: Dr. Michael Geiselmann | | +41 76 749 28 73