The EPFL startup Logmind wins a FIT Digital Grant of CHF 20’000

FIT | 24 October 2018

In October 2018, the FIT Digital jury chose to support the AI startup Logmind with a grant of CHF 20’000. We interviewed its founder and CEO Ketevani Zaridze about her novel product, an AI-based big data analytics platform.

What is Logmind about and what problem do you solve?

Logmind is a big data analytics platform for visibility and automated insights into unstructured machine log data, using an artificial intelligence approach. As the complexity of IT environments and the volume of unstructured machine data increase exponentially, companies are facing problems to understand and manage their log data effectively.  This is where we introduce our proactive and forward-looking tool to enable IT Operations and DevOps teams from companies across diverse industries to gain valuable data insights from their complex IT systems, in a straightforward manner. With Logmind, customers can automate detection of their complex IT issues as well as minimize their effort and precious time spent daily on manual data investigation processes.

What use will you make of the FIT Digital money, and how will the program help you in your journey?

The new funds will help us increase our team from 3 to 5 people as well as organize visits to potential clients and investors. We’ll also dedicate time and money to our new website.
Getting support from FIT Digital helps us to be more visible and credible, as well as to be able to accelerate our marketing and sales efforts in getting initial paying customers.

What milestones have you achieved, since your creation in 2018?

  • Product validation and customer contacts
  • Build up a yet small but motivated and dedicated team
  • Finalize key product features ready for pilot launch

Contact: Ketevani Zaridze, Founder and CEO| Tél. : +41 (0)78 884 14 36