Synctech receives a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 for its smartwatch “Timeon” for water sports enthusiasts

FIT | 21 April 2021

In backcountry skiing, and in general for mountain sports, everyone knows the safety devices that are avalanche transceivers. But what about such measures in water sports? How to signal a distress situation without expensive and energy consuming third-party devices that require cellular networks or satellite communication? The Timeon smartwatch has been developed by the start-up Synctech to do just that, providing water sports enthusiasts with an unprecedented communication system and taking safety to a new level!

In recent years, the water sports market has been booming with an ever-increasing number of enthusiasts in various disciplines such as sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, the now unavoidable paddle boarding, and new foiling sports. However, this craze has brought unexperienced enthusiasts on the water, leading to a rising number of distress situations. Backcountry skiers have avalanche transceivers to increase their safety, but no equivalent device exists for water sports. As phones are not used in aquatic settings, communication has always been a problem. Current bulky live tracking and search & rescue devices rely on expensive and energy consuming third-party data transmission technologies, such as cellular networks or satellite communication. Smartwatches enable an easy-to-wear communication link, yet tactile screens don’t perform well in water, and water sports playgrounds often have poor cellular coverage. With its unique technology revolutionizing communication in aquatic settings, the Timeon smartwatch fully meets the needs of the nautical and water sports communities.

Timeon was developed with one goal in mind: to provide water sports enthusiasts with a wearable safety and performance enhancing device designed for aquatic settings. It offers unique peer-based monitoring and safety features, along with standard position, heading, speed and tracking data. Water sports are often practiced in groups, relying on mutual supervision and assistance to ensure their safety. Timeon’s unique peer self-rescue (PSR) technology enables just that by connecting community peers within a range of several kilometres, creating a local ad-hoc meshed communication network and virtual call centre. All independently of a cellular coverage, a real breakthrough! An additional Timeon feature enabled by the underlying PSR technology, is time synchronization of all users within the network. This unique function is particularly valuable to competitive sailors and regatta committees.

Timeon was developed by a team of three water sports enthusiasts with very different backgrounds who share a passion for outdoor sports. Remi Aeschimann is a professional sailor, with a watchmaker background. Lucie Loutan is a medical trainer, researcher and clinician, and Alix Marxer is an attorney at law.

The Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 granted by FIT will be used by Synctech to produce industrial prototypes of the Timeon watch, elaborate an intellectual property strategy with a patent already filed, and finance communication and marketing activities.                  Press images


Lucie Loutan, Co-founder.