The partners of the FIT are presented in the selection process of the projects susceptible of receiving a loan. Following the degree of development of the company, she will be tracked by a coaching or selection committee.

FIT Growth loan and the selection committee

The selection committee analyses and prepares the withheld records for the “Growth” loan. She backs up the work done by the private investors within the framework of their financing round. Virgo Ventures, active company in risk-taking investments – or private equity – is assigned by the FIT as selection committee.

FIT Seed loan and the coaching committee

The coaches assigned by the FIT are issued by the EPFL Innovation Park and effectuate a regular follow-up on the different projects, in particular, upstream of the selection (while preparing the documents), and sometimes downstream, for the selected projects and from the benefit of a FIT loan. They prepare, track and oversee the demands for a “Seed” loan.


Innovaud was created in February 2013 and is the access key to innovation in the canton of Vaud.

Since its inception, the Innovaud team has worked closely with the FIT secretariat. The association is responsible for the pre-screening of applications with respect to FIT eligibility criteria. Its task is to provide information to candidates who request a financial assistance from FIT. The Innovaud team coaches and guides the projects supported by FIT. In addition, Innovaud manages the FIT communication process.

Applications are submitted via the website of Innovaud.