ORACAN startup obtains support from the FIT

FIT | 28 November 2018

In November 2018, the FIT decided to grant a seed loan of CHF 100’000 to ORACAN, based on the EPFL Innovation Park. The startup is inspired by research conducted in the field of space to develop its product for pharmas.

Founded in 2018, ORACAN designs and markets a mini bioreactor (MBR) for the new generation of bioprocesses, for the pharma & biotech industry, allowing the development of new drugs.

The product is based on space technologies developed with the European Space Agency. The aim is to produce a mini-bioreactor with a volume of a few milliliters, with the characteristics of a bioreactor of several tens of liters (Scale-up). The product enables a cheap and reliable processes for the cloning and the multiplication of living cells. The result is that the necessary industrial quantities of active substances for the production of large drugs, will be produced more quickly.

ORACAN entered the ESA BIC program in 2018. The program enables the transposition of space technologies into terrestrial applications. ORACAN’s CEO, Albert Oriol, will use the FIT seed loan to finalize and industrialize a prototype, carry biological qualification tests, and support the commercial and marketing development of the product.

Albert Oriol, CEO
Tél. 078 400 94 64
Email : oracan@hispeed.ch