CHF 100’000 Tech Seed loan for a start-up that aims to revolutionize the drone industry

Switzerland has nearly 100 companies specialized in drones, leading to the nickname “Drone Valley”. The start-up Dpendent has decided to focus on this fast-growing segment by developing a new technology aimed at increasing the independence of these new “devices of the sky”, which are still very dependent on human intervention. This is a major step forward, which is likely to interest many sectors already convinced of the enormous potential offered by drones.

Synctech receives a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 for its smartwatch “Timeon” for water sports enthusiasts

In backcountry skiing, and in general for mountain sports, everyone knows the safety devices that are avalanche transceivers. But what about such measures in water sports? How to signal a distress situation without expensive and energy consuming third-party devices that require cellular networks or satellite communication? The Timeon smartwatch has been developed by the start-up Synctech to do just that, providing water sports enthusiasts with an unprecedented communication system and taking safety to a new level!

Gondola Medical : Building clinical research momentum with 500’000 CHF Tech Growth Loan

Clinical research and studies demonstrate Gondola AMPS therapy’s effectiveness for people with neurological disease to move better and live better. The CHF 500’000 Tech Growth loan from the Fondation pour l’Innovation Technologique (FIT), supports Gondola Medical Technologies to develop their clinical research capabilities further.

Inergio receives a CHF100’000 loan from FIT for its innovative fuel cell systems

Spun out of both EPFL and HEIG-VD, Inergio provides clean, lightweight and efficient power sources that reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%, compared to conventional fossil fuel systems. FIT’s jury has chosen to support the cleantech start-up with a Tech Seed loan of CHF100’000.

100’000 CHF Tech Seed loan to Alithea Genomics and its optimisation in RNA sequencing

Alithea Genomics, a spin-off from EPFL, intends to drive research forward by developing a unique technology to democratise the sequencing of RNA. Thanks to the support of the FIT, the start-up will be able to experiment its process on a larger scale, thus opening up the hope of seeing RNA sequencing become widespread within precision medicine.

FIT Investors, a platform that connects investors and start-ups

Tested and launched in the second half of 2020, FIT Investors has the dual objective of facilitating contact between qualified and established investors and start-ups that are supported by the FIT (Foundation for Technological Innovation) and in the process of raising funds.

Urbio secures funding to accelerate the energy transition

The spin-off from EPFL Valais develops a software that helps the key actors of the energy transition plan and design the most efficient energy infrastructure and technologies to heat, cool and electrify buildings – one of the leading sources of carbon emissions. In early February, cleantech start-up Urbio was granted a Tech Seed loan from FIT (Foundation for Technological Innovation) and secured an investment from leading climate and cities-focused investor, Urban Us.

A CHF 100’000 loan to NeoCarbons and its sustainable CO2 conversion technology

NeoCarbons intends to fight global warming in a sustainable, innovative and profitable way thanks to its unique micro-algae farming technology that removes excess CO2 from the atmosphere. The cleantech start-up has just obtained a CHF 100’000 Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to support its development.

Crypties and Jawslab receive a CHF 20’000 Digital Grant each

The FIT has chosen to support the two start-ups with two Digital Grants. The spin-off from EPFL Crypties wants to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible to anyone. Jawslab, spin-off from CHUV and UNIL, works on helping laboratories to make their digital transition; thus facilitating the reproducibility of studies and experiments.

A record-high amount of loans and grants allocated by FIT in 2020!

In a year marked by the global Covid-pandemic, the FIT is happy to have supported 40 start-ups for an unprecedented total amount of 6.25 Million Swiss Francs. Since its creation in 1994, the FIT has allocated 285 loans and 76 grants to innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs working on launching their company.

Two InnoTREK grants of CHF 100’000; one for Sleep Sensor and one for Autonomyo

The FIT and the UNIL-CHUV technology transfer office (PACTT) have just awarded two InnoTREK grants of CHF 100’000 to two researchers: Doctor Shanaz Diessler for her project Sleep Sensor for the monitoring and identification of sleep parameters, and Doctor Amalric Ortlieb for his innovative exoskeleton project, Autonomyo. These InnoTREK grants will enable the two project leaders to work on their project for one year.

LBTech and Space4Impact receive the FIT-Innogrant

The FIT has granted an Innogrant (CHF 100’000) to support two EPFL start-up projects: LBTech and Space4Impact. LBTech’s technology aims to let us be connected wherever we are, while Space4Impact looks to find answers to the challenges faced on earth through space technology.

Magma Learning receives CHF 50’000 for its personalized tutor based on artificial intelligence

After providing a Digital Grant in early 2020, the FIT has chosen to renew its support for MAGMA Learning with a Digital Seed loan. The start-up’s personalized AI tutor matured a lot this year, and became particularly useful to boost the impact of training programs in companies and institutions.

TOP100 2020

Switzerland, champion of innovation

For the tenth time, the 100 best Swiss start-ups (TOP100_2020) were selected and listed in a ranking published by IFJ (Institut für Jungunternehmen) and PME Magazine. Among the companies selected, 18 are supported by the FIT.

Congratulations to Gamaya, CREAL, Insolight, Agrosustain, Eyeware, Mobbot, Volumina Medical, GTX Medical, Haya Therapeutics, Cysec, Avatronics, Largo Films, Miraex, Raw Labs, Swissdecode, Daphne Technology, Aspivix and DePoly!