Alogo™ Analysis secures 1 Million Francs with a fundraising round and a loan from the FIT

The Lausanne-based start-up, which specializes in high-tech motion analysis solutions for equestrian sports, has just obtained a CHF 500’000 Tech Growth loan from the FIT, in addition to a successful fund-raising campaign of another CHF 500’000.

Remedok: CHF 50’000 to reduce medecine waste

Remedok recently obtained a Digital Seed loan of CHF 50’000 from the FIT. The start-up develops a digital platform for drug and health professionals, with the aim of decreasing medicine waste by allowing them to reduce their stocks.

CHF 100’000 for ExerGo’s energy networks

ExerGo has recently obtained a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the FIT. This EPFL spin-off, which collaborates in particular with Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) and several academic institutions, is developing a novel concept of low-temperature energy network that uses CO2 as heat transfer fluid in a closed loop. Exergo’s solution saves 85% of final energy and more than 90% of CO2 emissions compared to traditional fossil fuel-based systems.

CHF 200’000 for PrivateDeal

PrivateDeal has received CHF 200’000 in the form of a loan FIT Digital Growth by EHL. Based at the Innovation Village of EHL, the start-up offers to put hotels directly in touch with their clients thanks to an instant intelligent negotiation solution.

CHF 50’000 allocated to Crokeo

The FIT has chosen to support Crokeo with a Digital Seed loan of CHF 50’000. The Lausanne based start-up offers an ecological home delivery service for custom-made pet food.

CHF 50’000 for KickTheMap

KickTheMap has obtained a Digital Seed Loan of CHF 50’000 from the FIT. The Lausanne-based start-up conceived a mobile application capable of capturing 3D data and modelling objects, habitations or lands, no matter their dimensions.

Kimbocare receives support from the FIT

The young start-up KimboCare has recently obtained a Digital Grant from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). KimboCare is a platform allowing to financially help underprivileged persons to access quality health services. 

CHF 500’000 for Lambda Health System

Lambda Health System has obtained a FIT Tech Growth loan of CHF 500’000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). The start-up is developing a rehabilitation robot for hospitals and clinics, in particular for the treatment of patients after a stroke.

CHF 100’000 for Genknowme

Genknowme has obtained a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the FIT. Resulting from a collaboration with the Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) and Lausanne University, the start-up develops a blood test to help health professionals with patients trying to gain a healthier lifestyle.

CHF 100’000 for KaiosID

KaiosID has obtained a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the FIT. Originating from the School of Management and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD), the start-up develops a traceability solution for consumer goods to fight counterfeiting and illicit trade.

The FIT allocates CHF 100’000 to Hexisense

Hexisense has just obtained a FIT Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the FIT. The start-up based at the EPFL Innovation Park conceives a gas detector using a semi-conductor chip to detect leaks in vacuum environments.

The FIT allocates a special loan to Helvitek Labs

In view of the current Covid-19 crisis, Helvitek Labs modified its activities, moving from anti-pollution masks to supplying health care personnel with novel facial structures to prevent injuries caused by prolonged use of respiratory masks. The start-up based at EPFL has obtained a FIT Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000, allocated in emergency by the FIT to support their action.

The FIT allocates CHF 50’000 to Little Yeti

Little Yeti has obtained a loan Digital Seed of CHF 50’000 from the FIT. The young start-up offers an online service that develops and markets personalised story books for children aged from 0-5 years old. Created using intelligent algorithms, the books offer an unprecedented narrative and user experience.

The FIT allocates CHF 100’000 to Bionomous

Bionomous has obtained a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the FIT. The EPFL based start-up combines innovative micro-engineering design and machine learning methods to develop devices that automatically sort zebrafish eggs, which are commonly used in genetics, development and behavioural biology, and toxicology.

TOP100 2019

Switzerland, champion of innovation

For the ninth time, the 100 best Swiss start-ups (TOP100_2019) were selected and listed in a ranking published by IFJ (Institut für Jungunternehmen) and PME Magazine. Among the companies selected, 20 are supported by the FIT.

Congratulations to Flyability, Lunaphore Technologies, BestMile, Gamaya, Astrocast, Volumina Medical, Cellestia Biotech, Daphne Technology, CREAL3D, Insolight, AgroSustain, Eyeware Tech, GRZ Technologies, LiGenTec, SwissDeCode, ScanTrust, Nanogence, G-Therapeutics, Mirrakoi and OneVisage !