Meet FIT startups – CleanGreens and AgroSustain

CleanGreens and AgroSustain are two startups that got support from FIT to pursue the development of their agritech innovations.

Serge Gander and Sylvain Dubey explain what they do and how FIT contributed to the growth of their companies.

Datacie, SoundMap and BioT receive a FIT Digital Grant of CHF 20’000 each

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has chosen to support the three start-ups with Digital Grants. Datacie specializes in creating custom databases, SoundMap conceived an autonomous navigation device for blind people and BioT wants to optimise device management in hospitals.

miniMarrow receives an InnoTREK grant of CHF 100,000

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) and the UNIL-CHUV technology transfer office (PACTT) have just awarded an InnoTREK grant to miniMarrow, a project stemming from the CHUV, EPFL and UNIGE. The new therapeutic approach of miniMarrow is aimed at patients suffering from haematological malignancies and reduces the number of platelet transfusions to one monthly injection instead of eight.

The FIT and EPFL Tech Launchpad award three new Innogrants to Solaxer, FiberLab and Adaptyv Biosystems

The FIT selection committee is pleased to have awarded new Innogrants of CHF 100’000 each to three EPFL projects: the cleantech project Solaxer, the medtech FiberLab and the biotech Adaptyv Biosystems.

In an effort to support Swiss innovation, SwissCaution has joined the Foundation for Technological Innovation

Swiss leader in its field of activity SwissCaution has joined the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) from the beginning of the year – a new way to promote technological and digital innovation and to contribute to the dynamism and development of Vaud and the Swiss French-speaking region. SwissCaution has also become a member of the FIT Foundation Board as well as the Tech Seed and FIT Digital Selection Committees.

Indoor industrial inspection drones of Flybotix get CHF 400’000 from FIT

Founded in 2019, Vaud-based Flybotix develops a drone based on a proprietary propulsion and steering technology that brings disruptive changes to the market of indoor industrial inspection drones. The novel drone doubles the flight-time compared to competition and is quieter than a lawn mower. The Tech Growth loan of CHF 400’000 from FIT completes a fundraising round of one million Francs that Flybotix closed in March 2021.

BLENT receives a CHF 50’000 FIT Digital by EHL loan for its business intelligence platform

In the hospitality industry, reactivity and optimisation are keys to a successful business, even more so today following the Covid crisis. With its fully automated business platform for the hospitality market, BLENT centralizes all the data to let managers of hotels, restaurants and wineries get a complete and in real-time overview in order to react effectively, adapt quickly to changes, and provide the best service to customers while maintaining profitability. Located at EHL’s Innovation Village, BLENT has just received a FIT Digital by EHL loan of CHF 50’000 to support its development across Europe.

CHF 500’000 for Swiss Motion Technologies and its cutting-edge technology to improve the mobility of disabled people

10 million. That’s the estimated number of leg amputees worldwide, with nearly 100’000 new amputations of a major limb every year. These astronomical, shocking figures hide another reality: that of uncomfortable, ill-fitting prostheses that are very expensive if tailor-made. Today, the start-up Swiss Motion Technologies intends to remedy this with its automated manufacturing solution, which creates perfectly adapted liners for each patient. With the CHF 500’000 loan provided by FIT, Swiss Motion Technologies will be able to go even further in the development of this unique technology.

CHF 100’000 for Oryl Photonics and its device for accelerating drug development.

The vast majority of drugs on the market are poorly soluble, meaning that their ability to dissolve in a solvent is not optimal, which causes them to be poorly absorbed, behave unpredictably, and may even induce an undesirable immune response. The start-up Oryl Photonics has tackled this problem by developing a novel device to rapidly and efficiently measure the solubility of substances at an affordable price. A very worthwhile workaround, given that in Switzerland one in two people over the age of 15 takes at least one medicine every week! Such is the importance of the solution developed by Oryl Photonics, which FIT is now supporting with a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000.

100’000 CHF Tech Seed loan for Isochronic and its revolutionary industrial robots

Industrial robots have become part of our daily lives, replacing, complementing or supplementing human action. As a matter of fact, more than half a million robots are sold every year in the world, a market which is only set to grow even faster, with technology also evolving at a rapid pace. In this highly specialized sector, the start-up Isochronic is beginning to make a name for itself with its totally revolutionary new type of industrial robot. A new robotic era is underway, which FIT is happy to support with a loan of 100’000 francs.

UNIL joins FIT – an active collaboration to support entrepreneurship

Following the launch of the HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation  in 2019, UNIL joined the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) in early 2021 with a view of strengthening its support to entrepreneurship and consequently providing innovative solutions to the challenges affecting our society. UNIL becomes a member of the FIT Foundation Board and of the FIT Digital Selection Committee. Similarly, FIT joins the jury of the HUB’s UCreate programmes.

14 FIT alumni among the solutions labelled by the Solar Impulse Foundation

This month, the Solar Impulse Foundation announced that it had reached its objective of labelling 1000 innovative solutions to tackle climate change. Among these solutions are 14 start-ups from French-speaking Switzerland that the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) is proud to have supported.

TOP100 2020

Switzerland, champion of innovation

For the tenth time, the 100 best Swiss start-ups (TOP100_2020) were selected and listed in a ranking published by IFJ (Institut für Jungunternehmen) and PME Magazine. Among the companies selected, 18 are supported by the FIT.

Congratulations to Gamaya, CREAL, Insolight, Agrosustain, Eyeware, Mobbot, Volumina Medical, GTX Medical, Haya Therapeutics, Cysec, Avatronics, Largo Films, Miraex, Raw Labs, Swissdecode, Daphne Technology, Aspivix and DePoly!