Ferring Pharmaceuticals joins the Foundation for Technological Innovation

Founded in 1950, the multinational biopharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals has joined the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) in September. With its international headquarters in Saint-Prex (Vaud), Ferring is at the heart of life sciences innovation in Western Switzerland and will join local players in supporting local innovation. Ferring has also become a member of the FIT Foundation Board as well as the Tech Seed and Tech Growth Committees.

A FIT Tech Growth loan of CHF 500’000 for Neural Concept and its deep-learning technology

Founded in 2018, Neural Concept developed a 3D deep-learning software for engineering and computer-aided design to optimise business processes within companies. The Tech Growth loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) will fund the R&D and cloud computing costs associated with further improvements to the solution.

FIT awards two FIT Digital Grants of CHF 20’000 to Robin des Fermes and StokenX

Robin des Fermes has developed a platform to facilitate direct sales between local producers and consumers. StokenX has created a financial platform using blockchain technology to improve the liquidity of financial instruments. Both will be able to further develop their platform thanks to the FIT Digital grants they have just obtained.

flowbone receives a Tech Seed loan of 100’000 CHF to prevent hip fractures

Founded in 2020, flowbone has developed a bioactive gel for the local treatment of osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones. Directly injected into the areas to be treated, the gel restores bone strength within few weeks and prevents fractures. Thanks to the CHF 100’000 Tech Seed loan from FIT, flowbone will be able to acquire production equipment to pursue the company’s development.

Plastogaz receives CHF 100,000 from FIT for its plastic waste transformation technology

The EPFL spin-off Plastogaz has developed a process for the transformation of plastic waste into value-added products to be used for the production of electrical energy or the generation of new raw plastic material. The FIT Tech Seed loan will be used to further develop the transformation process and to strengthen existing partnerships for the implementation of a pilot project.

FIT and school 42 Lausanne join forces to support entrepreneurship

Opened in Renens in July, 42 Lausanne offers a 100% free and flexible coding course based on students’ personal learning. Thanks to FIT’s partnership with 42 Lausanne, students will benefit from workshops on entrepreneurship and FIT’s financing tools (in particular FIT Digital) which might help future young entrepreneurs to launch their project.

31 alumni in TOP100 2021

For this 2021 edition of the TOP 100 Swiss start-ups, the ranking includes 31 FIT-supported start-ups, including 11 newcomers. With this ratio, FIT has set a new record!

AMF Medical receives a FIT Tech Growth loan of 500,000 CHF to help people with diabetes

Founded in 2014, AMF Medical develops a device that facilitates the daily life of people with diabetes, a disease affecting blood sugar levels. With a Sigi™ patch pump, patients can very easily administer their insulin doses using standard pre-filled cartridges. The Tech Growth loan will allow the company to continue its product development and to manufacture industrial prototypes.

The FIT launches a new programme for start-ups in the food, nutrition and hospitality sectors

With the launch of a Food & Hospitality Vertical, the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) is for the first time implementing field-specific support for start-ups. The Food & Hospitality Vertical includes two programmes: FIT Food & Hospitality by EHL for digital start-ups (previously known as FIT Digital by EHL and launched in 2019) and the new FIT Food Tech, launched in association with Nestlé, aiming to foster collaboration and investment between food-industry and early-stage tech start-ups in the local innovation ecosystem. B’ZEOS is the first start-up to take part in the FIT Food Tech.

Meet FIT startups – CleanGreens and AgroSustain

CleanGreens and AgroSustain are two startups that got support from FIT to pursue the development of their agritech innovations.

Serge Gander and Sylvain Dubey explain what they do and how FIT contributed to the growth of their companies.

Datacie, SoundMap and BioT receive a FIT Digital Grant of CHF 20’000 each

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has chosen to support the three start-ups with Digital Grants. Datacie specializes in creating custom databases, SoundMap conceived an autonomous navigation device for blind people and BioT wants to optimise device management in hospitals.

miniMarrow receives an InnoTREK grant of CHF 100,000

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) and the UNIL-CHUV technology transfer office (PACTT) have just awarded an InnoTREK grant to miniMarrow, a project stemming from the CHUV, EPFL and UNIGE. The new therapeutic approach of miniMarrow is aimed at patients suffering from haematological malignancies and reduces the number of platelet transfusions to one monthly injection instead of eight.

The FIT and EPFL Tech Launchpad award three new Innogrants to Solaxer, FiberLab and Adaptyv Biosystems

The FIT selection committee is pleased to have awarded new Innogrants of CHF 100’000 each to three EPFL projects: the cleantech project Solaxer, the medtech FiberLab and the biotech Adaptyv Biosystems.

TOP100 2020

Switzerland, champion of innovation

For the tenth time, the 100 best Swiss start-ups (TOP100_2020) were selected and listed in a ranking published by IFJ (Institut für Jungunternehmen) and PME Magazine. Among the companies selected, 18 are supported by the FIT.

Congratulations to Gamaya, CREAL, Insolight, Agrosustain, Eyeware, Mobbot, Volumina Medical, GTX Medical, Haya Therapeutics, Cysec, Avatronics, Largo Films, Miraex, Raw Labs, Swissdecode, Daphne Technology, Aspivix and DePoly!