miniMarrow receives an InnoTREK grant of CHF 100,000

FIT | 05 July 2021

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) and the UNIL-CHUV technology transfer office (PACTT) have just awarded an InnoTREK grant to miniMarrow, a project stemming from the CHUV, EPFL and UNIGE. The new therapeutic approach of miniMarrow is aimed at patients suffering from haematological malignancies and reduces the number of platelet transfusions to one monthly injection instead of eight.

Led by Dr. Josefine Tratwal, the miniMarrow project meets a real clinical need: to improve the quality of life of patients with haematological malignancies such as blood cancers, leukaemias and lymphomas. For the treatment of these diseases, patients currently need 4 to 8 platelet transfusions per month.

MiniMarrow relies on a technology developed at CHUV, EPFL and UNIGE and applied to cell therapy: thanks to the subcutaneous injection of a bio-material cultivated with bone marrow cells, the patient is able to produce blood platelets in-vivo. With this new treatment, patients would only need one monthly injection.

This new therapeutic approach therefore allows for a drastic improvement in the patient’s quality of life, a reduction in the need for blood platelets from blood banks and a significant reduction in costs for the healthcare system.

Thanks to the InnoTREK FIT PACTT grant, Dr. Josefine Tratwal’s project miniMarrow will be pursued and validated among Professor Olaia Naveiras’ regenerative haematopoiesis research laboratory.

Furthermore, miniMarrow won the Rosenfield Prize in December 2020 and benefits from the coaching programmes of MassChallenge Switzerland and Ucreate3.


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