Logmind gets a Digital Growth loan of CHF 200,000 for its IT problem-solving system

FIT | 13 December 2021

Founded in 2018, Logmind has developed a platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that enables IT teams to solve more quickly problems related to logs, files that store the history of events from IT systems. Thanks to the loan granted by the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), the startup will be able to undertake new marketing actions in order to prospect for new customers.

In IT, a log is a file that stores the history of events generated within servers, networks, applications and other IT systems. The data from the logs allows the identification of all interactions that have taken place between these files and thus helps the IT team to detect, analyse and solve potential problems in their IT infrastructure. However, the complex, unstructured format and sheer volume of log data makes manual searching complicated and inefficient. Based on very specific rules, the analysis of this data is very time consuming, taking up to 40% of IT staff’s daily time.

To facilitate this research process, Logmind has developed a web-based SaaS platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows billions of log data to be analysed in real time and converted into meaningful information. After analysing the log data, the platform informs IT teams of potential infrastructure or network problems and provides recommendations for solving them more efficiently and quickly. By detecting them at an early stage, the platform prevents these problems from escalating and causing greater damage to the business.

Targeting medium and large companies in Switzerland and Europe, the startup has already received support from FIT twice with the Digital Grant in 2018 and the Digital Seed in 2019. In its three years of existence, Logmind also has received several awards such as the Digital Award 2020 and La Forge acceleration programme’s award.

By 2022, the startup wants to develop more communication channels with its customers by establishing partnerships with cloud providers. With FIT’s Digital Growth loan, the startup will be able to launch new content marketing and social media activities to raise awareness of its product.

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Ketevani Zaridze
Founder & CEO