FIT Investors, a platform that connects investors and start-ups

FIT | 03 March 2021

Tested and launched in the second half of 2020, FIT Investors has the dual objective of facilitating contact between qualified and established investors and start-ups that are supported by the FIT (Foundation for Technological Innovation) and in the process of raising funds.

FIT Investors stems from a simple observation: it is not easy for start-ups to get in touch with investors, nor for investors to find their way among the many start-ups in the region. The platform therefore intends, on the one hand, to give visibility to the young companies supported by the Foundation and, on the other hand, to guide investors in the FIT network. The FIT Investors tool is also a continuation of real exchanges during events organised by the Foundation, to anticipate or follow up on these meetings.

To ensure the smooth running of FIT Investors, start-ups and investors must be known to the Foundation in order to register. “The platform is ‘closed’, i.e. reserved for start-ups supported by the Foundation and for investors known to be active in Switzerland, such as venture capital funds, family offices, corporate ventures and private investors,” explains David Kappeler, Director and Head of Investments at FIT. The aim is to guarantee the quality of the start-ups featured on the platform, and to ensure that registered investors are no strangers to investing in very young companies and the risks inherent in such investments. “We are also taking advantage of the network of FIT members, such as BCV, to enhance and expand this range of institutional and private investors, and accompany them, if necessary, in the investment process,” David Kappeler continues.

FIT Investors is an evolving platform, which the Foundation wants to adapt to the needs of start-ups and investors. The beta-testers have also made it possible to improve a number of functionalities, and a second version of the platform is planned for 2021. “FIT Investors now has more than 10 start-ups currently raising funds, with tickets ranging from 500,000 to 15 million francs,” explains David Kappeler. In addition to ongoing fundraising, start-ups also have the opportunity to register and announce the start date of their upcoming funding round. “Our 12-month objective is to have at all times around 20 ongoing fundraising rounds on the platform, and a network of 50 investors”, concludes David Kappeler.

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