KimboCare receives support from the FIT

FIT | 19 May 2020

The young start-up KimboCare has recently obtained a Digital Grant from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). KimboCare is a platform allowing to financially help underprivileged persons to access quality health services.

Access to decent care is still a notable issue in developing countries and in particular when financial means act as a barrier to healthcare. At the same time, potential donors willing to help underprivileged people to access better care are refrained by the lack of transparency and by the rigidity of the currently existing charitable solutions. KimboCare wants to solve this issue with the introduction of its novel concept, a token named “health credits”. The token, transferred on the platform through an end-to-end transparent process, allows philanthropists to make safe donations. Indeed, payments are secured and traceable thanks to block-chain and artificial intelligence algorithms, enabling the use of health credits for intended purposes. Donors prepay medical services on the platform in the form of “health credits” and the patient can then immediately go to a partner clinic. The KimboCare platform ensures the effective delivery of the purchased medical services and directly pays the medical facility through the activation of a smart contract.

Created in 2019 by the siblings Franck and Murielle Tiambo, the start-up aims, in the first instance, to help patients in West Africa. To that effect, the KimboCare team, dynamic and multicultural, has launched a pilot in Ivory Coast and Cameroon, engaging with rigorously vetted local clinics to deliver quality care. On the other hand, target donors, often members of African Diaspora, primarily reside in regions such as Europe and North America.

“The grant from the FIT will allow us to reinforce the technological functionalities of our platform and to develop the network of clinics in Ivory Coast and Cameroon”, explains Franck Tiambo, co-founder of KimboCare. In the future, the start-up also plans on collaborating with diverse types of clients and partners, among which non-profit organisations, select public entities, and even insurance companies.

Murielle & Franck Tiambo

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