Join our contributories

Given its very specific role and early intervention in the value creation process of a project, the FIT appeals to contributors interested in our regional technological fabric.

FIT contributors can be found among companies, administrations, institutional partners or individuals.

Every contributor participates according to his possibility and any contributor becomes an Alumnus.

Would you like to contribute to the dynamism of our region and to support innovative technological projects?

Join us! The secretariat of the FIT will inform you (021 613 36 42 or

Circle of contributories

The contributories of the FIT are classified in «circles» depending on the amount of the contributions. The membership in one of these circles is limited to a contribution period of 3 years. These cycles of contributions can be renewed :

Circle of Honor

from 1 million francs for the period

Circle of the President

from 3 times 100’000 francs per year

Circle of the Board

from 3 times 50’000 francs per year

Circle of friends

from 3 times 10’000 francs per year

The contributions from the “Circle of friends” can be done in kind, with the agreement of the Council of Foundation.