FIT grants a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 to Sparrow Analytics and its urban environment analysis system

FIT | 09 November 2021

Founded in 2021, Sparrow Analytics has developed mobile sensors to be attached to everyday vehicles that allow for real-time scanning and measurement of various urban parameters. Thanks to the Tech Seed loan, the startup will be able to undertake new pilot projects and boost its commercial growth. 

With nearly four billion people living in cities, urbanisation is causing problems of health, pollution and environmental impact, and raising issues of mobility. 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from urban areas and 90% of the world’s population lives in an area where the air quality is below the level suggested by the WHO. In order to collect data on these urban parameters, several systems exist, but they are limited in terms of analysis possibilities and incur high maintenance costs. Furthermore, with measurements only made a few times a year and in a limited radius, these current systems do not show the real mapping of urban areas.

To facilitate the implementation of concrete actions, Sparrow Analytics has developed a system for digitising the urban environment using mobile sensors attached to public utility vehicles (taxis, buses, etc.). While driving around the city, the sensors scan and measure in real time various urban parameters such as air pollution, noise pollution or the concentration of gases in the atmosphere. Thanks to all the sensors, Sparrow Analytics is able to draw up a precise map of the urban area analysed according to the various factors. Using artificial intelligence, the data collected is then analysed and prioritised in the form of reports that allow cities to identify and solve problems related to their own priorities.

The team, composed of five seasoned entrepreneurs, collaborated with the EPFL to develop its solution. For the development of its project, the startup also obtained the support of Innovaud and the SPEI.

By 2022, the startup hopes to increase its number of customers and increase its sensor production tenfold by 2023. The Tech Seed loan will enable Sparrow Analytics to carry out new pilot projects and boost its commercial development.

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Contact :
Maxim Interbrick
COO & Co-founder