The Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley

The FIT Food Tech sits at the heart of the Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley, a global innovation ecosystem aiming to attract talent, start-ups and investment to the Léman Lake region and Switzerland, with the objective of creating innovations linked to the future of food. It is a consortium comprising the Canton of Vaud, top-class universities (such as Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and the Swiss Hospitality Management School (EHL), both in Lausanne), multinationals such as Nestlé, Givaudan and Firmenich and over 80 foodtech start-ups.

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Innovation at Nestlé

Nestlé is committed to developing innovative products and services that provide nutrition and health for people and pets everywhere, across all their life stages. Whether the focus is on developing new delicious plant-based foods that support healthier, more sustainable diets, solutions to tackle packaging waste, affordable nutrition for all, or personalized nutrition, Nestlé is constantly improving products and services and creating new ones.

Nestlé has one of the most advanced science and innovation network in the food industry and invests CHF 1.7bn every year in R&D as an engine for growth. Several initiatives are ongoing at Nestlé that aim at further accelerating their innovation capabilities by working with researchers from top class universities and research institutes, start-ups and innovation partners whilst leveraging their strong internal innovation capabilities. Read more or watch the video:

The FIT Food Tech for start-ups

  1. A unique setup to meet, get introduced to and partner with global corporate leaders in the food industry;
  2. A CHF 100’000.- loan at 0% interest rate;
  3. The opportunity to discuss an early strategic investment into the start-up;
  4. The opportunity to develop and test products in collaboration with global corporate leaders in the food industry;
  5. Facilitated market entry access and international coverage;
  6. A strategic edge on understanding safety and regulatory issues;
  7. An accelerated process of scaling up.



  • Specialisation: FoodTech or Nutrition and in particular
    – Plant-based food & beverages
    – Personalized nutrition
    – Affordable nutrition
    – Sustainable packaging
  • Innovation: ability to demonstrate that the project is innovative, sustainable and scalable
  • Team: at least 2 full-time employees (FTE)
  • Stage: seed start-ups with minimum viable product
  • Localisation: French-speaking Switzerland

What’s the process?


1. Application through the online form

a) The start-up becomes aware of the option model
b) The application is reviewed


2. FIT Coach assigned (+1 week)

The coach reviews the conditions of the FIT Food Tech with the start-up


3. Tech Seed Coordination Meeting to review applications (+1 month)

3 possibilities:
a) Invitation to pitch for FIT Food Tech
b) Redirection towards FIT Tech Seed
c) Application rejected or postponed


4. Invitation to Pitch at Selection Committee (+1 week)


5. Signing of the contracts

a) Negotiation and signing of the option contract with Nestlé
b) Signing of the FIT loan contract and CHF 100’000 loan release


6. During the joint project and for 6 months after its completion

Nestlé can
a) negotiate in good faith with the company an agreement for further development or for commercialization of the project
b) match within 90 days the terms of any other arrangement or proposal the company receives from a third party


7. During 10 years: duration of the warrant

Nestlé can acquire up to 10% of the startup’s share capital on a fully-diluted basis