FIT awards a CHF 100,000 loan to EH Group

FIT | 10 December 2019

Renens-based EH Group, a startup developing innovative and eco-friendly fuel cell technology, has been awarded a CHF 100,000 Tech Seed loan by Vaud’s Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).

EH Group has developed a novel kind of hydrogen fuel cell made from stainless-steel plates, resulting in a lighter, more resistant system than conventional cells. Their advanced design can generate power at a cost of under CHF 100 per kilowatt. The company has been selected to join the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre Switzerland program.

These sophisticated fuel cells can already be used to power lightweight vehicles like bicycles and scooters, but their real potential lies in the automotive and freight industries, where they could help larger vehicles like car, buses, trucks and cargo ships operate more efficiently. Conventional lithium-ion batteries are not suited to these types of applications because they are too heavy and expensive.

The unique, simplified design for fuel-cell stacks that EH Group has come up with makes them more lightweight and compact – and much cheaper to produce. The firm has also teamed up with EPFL to develop innovative coatings for its systems that would result in even more robust and efficient models.

EH Group will use the FIT Tech Seed loan to finalize a commercial prototype of its system, which will be tested with customers to further enhance the design. “This funding from FIT comes at a pivotal time, because it will let us finish our prototype and demonstrate its feasibility for large-scale applications,” says Christopher Brandon, one of EH Group’s founders.

Christopher Brandon, co-founder | christopher.brandon(at)ehgroup

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