Crypties and Jawslab receive a CHF 20’000 Digital Grant each

FIT | 11 February 2021

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has chosen to support the two start-ups with two Digital Grants. The spin-off from EPFL Crypties wants to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible to anyone. Jawslab, spin-off from CHUV and UNIL, works on helping laboratories to make their digital transition; thus facilitating the reproducibility of studies and experiments.

Jawslab fights the replication crisis in science

Research faces the difficulty of replicating studies and hence proving the reliability of their results. This has financial consequences (30 billion dollars in the USA alone), but also affects the reputation of research institutions. Jawslab wants to considerably increase the reproducibility of these studies by improving data transmission between institutions. The start-up helps them in their digital transition with a dedicated software that simplifies the access, sharing and use of the data.  

The software’s prototype is actually being tested in two research departments in Lausanne and Jawslab received support from the UNIL-CHUV technology transfer office (PACTT) and UNIL’s start-up accelerator UCREATE 3. Thanks to the CHF 20’000 grant from FIT, Jawslab will integrate machine learning algorithms to its software and improve the user interface. Following its incorporation later this year, the start-up plans on entering the Swiss market in the second half of 2021.

Buying cryptocurrencies at your newsdealer’s: the service offered by Crypties

Whether online or offline, acquiring cryptocurrencies is complicated and not easily accessible. Crypties wants to bring back trust by providing a physical distribution of cryptocurrencies: credits of CHF 50, 100 or 250 available in kiosks. These could be as easily bought as phone credit. On Crypties’ website, the credit can then be turned into the chosen cryptocurrency. The first amount of cryptocurrency is then available in the user’s crypto-wallet.

Stemming from EPFL, Crypties’ team is currently conducting tests with some kiosks in view of expanding to more points of sales – 800 kiosks in total. The start-up targets all people who want to acquire cryptocurrency without complications and, to begin with, the Swiss market. The FIT Digital Grant of CHF 20’000 will allow Crypties to pay the costs of marketing and development.

Gauthier Vila 
Crypties’ founder 

Benjamin Jamot
and Anthony Carrard
Jawslab’s co-founders   

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