CHF 500’000 for Swiss Motion Technologies and its cutting-edge technology to improve the mobility of disabled people 

FIT | 01 June 2021

10 million. That’s the estimated number of leg amputees worldwide, with nearly 100’000 new amputations of a major limb every year. These astronomical, shocking figures hide another reality: that of uncomfortable, ill-fitting prostheses that are very expensive if tailor-made. Today, the start-up Swiss Motion Technologies intends to remedy this with its automated manufacturing solution, which creates perfectly adapted liners for each patient. With the CHF 500’000 loan provided by FIT, Swiss Motion Technologies will be able to go even further in the development of this unique technology.

The prostheses are designed to give amputees all or part of their mobility back. However, when they are not adapted, this goal cannot be achieved. The fault lies with the lining, a silicone sock worn between the leg and the hard shell into which the patient inserts his residual limb. This is an essential interface that absorbs the shocks of walking and distributes the pressure over the surface of the limb. However, today, almost 90% of patients are wearing prostheses with non-optimal linings, which hinder their mobility and limit their personal freedom.

Why is this so? Because large orthopaedic companies prefer to produce “one size fits all” silicone liners to facilitate the processes of a very complex material.

Swiss Motion Technologies has decided to tackle this problem with a completely new cutting-edge technology based on a 3D scanner. The data captured by the scanner is fed into a 3D printer to produce a silicone sleeve to the exact measurement of the patient. The 3D scanner works on an iPad and via a pre-installed iOS “Your Liner” application, including full instructions that allow medical professionals to order liners whenever they want. With this innovation, the start-up aims to offer prosthetic technicians an unprecedented method of providing their patients with a liner regardless of the current limitations in costs or effort. More and more patients will benefit from the increased comfort and improved mobility brought about by a high-quality, custom-made liner.

On a larger scale, this process will allow the tailoring of silicone to any part of the human body.

Kevin Mamalis (CTO), Alexandre Grillon (CEO) and Clément Gabry (COO), the three founders of Swiss Motion Technologies, are all graduates of Swiss engineering universities and have followed very different career paths that have led them to develop complementary skills.

The start-up has received a considerable amount of backing, in particular from FIT on two occasions – now supplemented by the Tech Growth loan of CHF 500’000 – but also from VentureKick, Genilem and the HES-SO innovation prize, to name but a few.

This new Tech Growth loan of CHF 500’000 from FIT will enable Swiss Motion Technologies to recruit developers, buy production machines, register patents and advance R&D, as well as rent offices.                   Press images


Alexandre Grillon, co-founder /