CHF 200,000 to digitize escape rooms

FIT | 20 May 2019

The jury of FIT Digital chose to support UltimEntertainment with a FIT Digital Growth loan of CHF 200’000. The Renens-based startup offers immersive escape rooms with a high-performance business model, based on digital technologies.

Who has never participated in an escape room with friends, family or colleagues? These full-size playrooms have densified around the world in the last ten years. But their management remains expensive, especially because of manual processes. The induced investments and salaries do not allow a high profitability. For example, a theme with a relatively short life span (12 to 18 months) requires the use of an entire room and a full-time employee.

Created in 2017, UltimEntertainment has the solution to the problem of the “classic” escape rooms: it develops rooms, whose processes are fully digitalized (thanks to the “Software as a Service” or SaaS, technology). Thus, each room can simultaneously offer a choice of several adventures, in the manner of a cinema, which allows to retain customers and secure revenue. Thanks to a franchise model labeled with the “UltimEscape” brand, escape rooms owners benefit from a turnkey business that generates quick profits.

UltimEntertainment already operates its own escape room center and has opened its first franchise in Switzerland. Several other franchises are in the final stages of commissioning, in particular one in Geneva, which will open in June. The market for escape rooms is promising: 70 rooms per million inhabitants already exist in French-speaking Switzerland. The potential is also very strong in Europe and the United States, for a market of more than 6 billion dollars.

UltimEntertainment will use the funds allocated by FIT Digital to complete its solution, especially the SaaS adventure management technology, for international commercialization. The company wants to rapidly deploy franchises in German-speaking Switzerland, Europe, France and the United States. It has just released its second adventure and will release at least two new ones each year.

Mathieu Fivaz, founder

UltimEntertainmen team picture

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