CHF 100’000 for the startup L2F

FIT | 14 May 2018

The EPFL based startup L2F obtained a seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). This type of loan is granted to promising young companies of Western Switzerland in phase of prototyping and commercial development. Since 1994, the FIT has financed innovative technological projects and startups with more than 33 million Swiss francs of loans and grants. These companies have created more than 1300 jobs in Switzerland so far.

L2F: Help companies take complex decisions with the use of mathematics

L2F is active in the conception, the development and the maintenance of complex predictive models. Through the use of advanced mathematical techniques, L2F supports companies and public institutions in complex decision-making processes, by studying large data sets and providing the best analysis tools. The EPFL based startup is actually among the first in the world to study and apply concepts coming from pure mathematics with the objective to model and understand the shape of data.
L2F will use the funds provided by the FIT to hire new resources.

Aldo Podestà, CEO | | +41 76 396 96 72