CHF 100’000 for Nectariss

FIT | 27 May 2019

The FIT Jury chose to support Nectariss with a CHF 100’000 FIT Tech seed loan. The startup develops sustainable food and novel natural flavors, in particular truffle flavors, for the food and luxury markets.

Today, commercial truffle flavors are prepared with aroma chemicals that poorly mimic the smell of truffles. Actually, such flavors do not contain real truffles.

Created in 2017, Nectariss intends to make a deep impact in the luxury and food markets by developing natural flavors of truffle fungi through its own patent-backed technology. All-natural flavors developed by Nectariss are genuine and display the depth and complexity of real truffles.

The CHF 100’000 FIT seed loan will allow the company to build up its pilot production site and launch sales of natural white truffle flavors.

Nectariss’ future milestones will consist in developing further natural flavors of unique and rare truffle sorts as well as authentication tools to fight frauds in the truffle trade.

Richard Splivallo, CEO
Tél. 0049 176 64 93 14 02