CHF 100’000 for Komp-ACT

FIT | 28 February 2019

The FIT Jury chose to support KOMP-ACT, an EPFL spin-off, with a CHF 100’000 FIT Tech seed loan. Based at Le Garage in EPFL Innovation Park, KOMP-ACT develops unique electric actuators which are cost effective & compact size, up to 3 times smaller and more affordable than conventional electric actuators for the automation industry.

Created in 2018, the objective of KOMP-ACT is to develop breakthrough electric technologies using polymeric base materials (a research conducted at EPFL’s Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites) in order to replace current actuators technologies (pneumatic, hydraulic or conventional electric). KOMP-ACT also plans to jumpstart the market of electric vehicles (electric cars, drones & aircrafts propulsion systems) with lightweight and smart electric engines, which can reduce weight and costs, prevent electric and mechanical failures as well as reduce battery energy consumption.

The CHF 100’000 FIT seed loan will allow KOMP-ACT to complete testing and certification and to develop strategic partnerships for producing the innovative actuators. The money will be also used to accelerate commercialization.

KOMP-ACT’s future milestones are to complete a first customer pilot project and launch its product in 2019 and to secure its Series A financing round in 2020.

Tél. +41 79 466 08 57