CHF 100’000 for Haya Therapeutics

FIT | 18 September 2019

The jury of the FIT chose to support Haya Therapeutics with a FIT Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000. The startup is developing an exclusive and innovative anti-fibrotic treatment for myocardial fibrosis and heart failure.

Affecting one in five people throughout their lives, heart failure resulting from myocardial fibrosis is the leading cause of death in the world and represents an unmet medical need. There is currently no treatment directly targeting the heart or the fibrotic process itself.

Based at the StartLab of Biopôle Lausanne, Haya Therapeutics, discovered a heart-specific fibrosis regulator – the long non-coding RNA called Wisper. Using its unique targeting approach, the young biopharmaceutical company born in the CHUV’s Experimental Cardiology Unit is able to block myocardial fibrosis and treat heart failure in preclinical animal models.

The funds allocated by FIT will allow Haya to continue the development of the treatment. ” FIT’s support is invaluable allowing us to continue pre-clinical testing and ultimately achieve our vision,” said Samir Ouzain, CEO of Haya Therapeutics, after the FIT jury session.


Samir Ouzain, CEO & founder | |+41 78 747 53 28