The FIT gives out loans called Grants to project holders originating from a university in the canton of Vaud.

Per project, the FIT looks at all scientific research projects susceptible of launching a new product, to a process or a service responding to a social or economical need and that possesses a potential market.

FIT provides grants to projects through various supports mechanisms at a maximum of one hundred thousand Swiss francs (CHF 100,000.-) to a project. The grants are destined to Education and Research Institutes (ERI) that are part of a university accredited by the FIT (i.e. EPFL, HEIG-VD, UNIL or the CHUV).

The goal of this support mechanism is to finance, through the use of the support mechanisms of the FIT, a credible entrepreneurial project that will create an innovative business which will provide employment in Vaud and a high added value (ideally gratifying the results obtained by the IER). The innovation domains supported by the FIT are clean technology (Cleantech), information and communication technology (ICT), industry and life science.

The current support mechanisms accredited by the FIT are the following:

In 2018, 9 Grant loans were given out by the FIT, adding up to a total amount of 900’000 Swiss francs.

Other supports