How does the FIT proceed?

FIT Grant

The selection Committee decides to provide a FIT Grant on the basis of an application file prepared by an Education and Research Institute (ERI) from a university in the canton of Vaud.

Innogrants – start-up support

InnoPACTT – spin-off creation

HEIG-VD – start-up creation

FIT Seed and Growth 

Sessions are held approximately once a month, depending on the number of applications submitted, or every 2 months for Growth applications.

You can find hereinafter examples of documents you might need:

Mini business plan

Word format : fit.minibp.doc
Pdf format : fit.minibp.pdf

Check if your project or your company is eligible by answering these questions :

Does your project use or develop a technological innovation ?

A technological innovation provides the consumer with new or enhanced services, production or distribution methods and products. It can involve changes affecting – separately or simultaneously – materials, human resources or working methods.

The FIT supports technological innovations primarily in:

  • cleantech: industrial techniques and services that use natural resources, energy, water and raw materials with a view to significantly improving efficiency and productivity.
  • information and communication technologies: computer, audiovisual, multimedia, Internet and telecommunications technologies that enable users to communicate, access to information sources, store, manipulate, produce and transmit information in all its form.
  • industry: the mass production of goods through the processing of raw materials or materials that have already undergone one or more transformations and the exploitation of energy sources.
  • the life sciences: the scientific study of living organisms and related considerations such as bioethics. They aim to improve quality and standard of living through applications in health, agriculture, medicine, pharmaceutical industry and food sciences.

Are you linked with a Swiss-French university ?

  • Does your project come from a laboratory of a university (EPFL, HEIG-VD, Unil and CHUV for the FIT Grant)?
  • Has your project already been accepted by the CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation)?
  • Do you collaborate or have you collaborated with a laboratory of a university based in the Canton of Vaud?
  • Do you have any other type of collaboration with a Vaud university?

University in the French-speaking part of Switzerland include for example :

Is your company headquartered in the French-speaking part of Switzerland ?

Canton of Vaud only for the FIT Grant and the FIT Growth loan.

French-speaking part of Switzerland for the FIT Seed loan.

Is your company viable ?

You can prove that your product has a good chance of finding its market.

Your project is likely to lead to the creation or development of a company.

Your company is already generating revenue or is ready to get into the market.

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you are eligible for a FIT support. By clicking on “Apply”, you will be redirected to the website of Innovaud.