Alogo™ Analysis secures 1 million Francs with a fundraising round and a loan from the FIT

FIT | 16 June 2020

The Lausanne-based start-up, which specializes in high-tech motion analysis solutions for equestrian sports, has just obtained a CHF 500’000 Tech Growth loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), in addition to a successful fund-raising campaign of another CHF 500’000.

Alogo™ Analysis is a Swiss company specialized in movement and performance analysis in the equestrian world, with the aim of modernizing equestrian sports through new technologies dedicated to competition organizers, the public and riders and their coaches. Compared to other sports, the equestrian world indeed benefits from very few reliable and precise statistics and data. Founded in 2016 by David Deillon, the company and its team are modernizing equestrian competitions with a first product called Alogo LIVE, aimed at competition organizers and the public. The start-up has also received numerous supports, including from Genilem, Innovaud, MassChallenge and Réseau Entreprendre.

A second product with cutting-edge technology from aeronautics

With the launch of its second product, Alogo MOVE PRO, the Vaud-based start-up adds a new string to its bow and now makes its know-how and expertise in equine movement analysis available to riders and trainers. Using this highly accurate tool, one can now objectively measure its performance, but also follow the evolution of the health and locomotion of horses. Alogo MOVE PRO uses an extremely precise sensor that attaches to the strap under the saddle and is suitable for all equestrian disciplines.

Thanks to the sensor, more than 36 functions are recorded and interpreted in real time by this new tool. In particular, the sensor offers its users the possibility to visualize the real trajectory of the jumps and the exact GPS track of their session. This data then helps them adjust their training to improve performance and prevent injuries by detecting even the smallest variations. All these data are available immediately on smartphones, tablets and computers after the workout.

Targets for 2020

In order to support the market launch of this second product, Alogo™ Analysis has just completed a CHF 500’000 fund raising round from a pool of private investors. The FIT has also chosen to support the start-up with a CHF 500’000 FIT Tech Growth loan. “This fundraising serves the objective of marketing this leading-edge tool for equine motion analysis in Europe and the USA, as well as the desire to expand the Alogo team in order to extend and broaden its areas of expertise”, explains David Deillon, founder and CEO of Alogo™ Analysis.

David Deillon
Founder and CEO
+41 79 364 82 99

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