Supporting the talented entrepreneurs of tomorrow in Western Switzerland

The Foundation for Technological Innovation provides financial supports to innovative projects at different development stages.

FIT supports projects in energy & environment, information & digital technologies, life sciences & health, precision industries, and nutrition & agri-food.

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Founded in 1994, FIT supports the creation and development of new businesses in the canton of Vaud and in Western Switzerland.

FIT provides support through several programmes:

  • FIT Tech, for high-tech start-ups,
  • FIT Digital, for digital start-ups with an innovative business model and strong growth potential,
  • FIT Food & Hospitality Vertical, for projects in the field of nutrition and hospitality,
  • FIT Impact, for high-impact low-tech projects.
In 2023, FIT supported 44 projects for a total amount of 4.85 million Swiss francs.

Some FIT alumni



KFC Pan Europe joins the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT)

After setting up in Lausanne two years ago, the food multinational KFC Pan Europe has joined the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), in yet another step forward in public-private collaboration to promote innovation in French-speaking Switzerland and the canton of Vaud. Judd Knight, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, and Pawel Luberadzki, Head of Digital and Omnichannel Growth, are respectively joining the Foundation and Tech Growth Committees, and the FIT Digital Committee.


Luxtelligence and SolidWatts receive two CHF 100,000 loans from FIT

The Foundation for Technological Innovation has provided Luxtelligence and SolidWatts with two Tech Seed loans, each worth CHF 100,000. Luxtelligence designs innovative, more efficient photonic chips, and SolidWatts creates a low-carbon alternative to industrial heating. The two loans support the development of these technologies with a view to bringing them to market.

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Our actions for sustainable development


In a context where sustainable development and related issues have become paramount, the Foundation for Technological Innovation is committed to supporting innovative ideas that contribute to a better future for future generations.

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