A modern approach to climbing: TopoTop Climbing receives a CHF 20’000 grant from FIT

FIT | 10 December 2020

Based in La Forge at the EPFL Innovation Park, the company under creation TopoTop Climbing offers a web and mobile platform that gives access to a topographic database dedicated to climbing, to guarantee safe outings for climbers. TopoTop Climbing has just been awarded a Digital Grant from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to support the development of its project.

Dynamic, reliable and up-to-date information for climbers to practice their activity in complete safety is hardly accessible today. Indeed, 95% of the topographical information essential for the practice of outdoor climbing can only be found in the form of books, most of which are only available in shops dedicated to mountain sports or require a prior order. On average, a topographic book is republished every 10 years, which means that the information doesn’t always correspond to the actual topography of the area.

For the mountain enthusiasts of TopoTop Climbing, the solution is a web and mobile platform that gives access to all the information needed for unforgettable vertical days in complete safety. Users are guided from their location at the car park to the foot of the cliff and then up to its summit. The application also allows users to share their feedback on the routes and follow their individual progress.

For the past three years, Sébastien Wenger and Thomas Dupas and have been working on the development of reliable processes for the production of topographic data at scale and the creation of a marketable product. After joining La Forge and with the support of Genilem, TopoTop Climbing will begin its commercialisation phase in spring 2021. To this end, the team is planning an initial phase of customer acquisition in French-speaking Switzerland and Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, where tests have already been carried out.

Thanks to the CHF 20’000 FIT Digital Grant, the company under creation wants to validate its business model to move to production scale next year, and to deploy its application internationally by the end of 2021.


Thomas Dupas

Sébastien Wenger

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