14 FIT alumni among the solutions labelled by the Solar Impulse Foundation

FIT | 30 April 2021

This month, the Solar Impulse Foundation announced that it had reached its objective of labelling 1000 innovative solutions to tackle climate change. Among these solutions are 14 start-ups from French-speaking Switzerland that the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) is proud to have supported.

The solutions labelled by the Solar Impulse Foundation are at different levels of maturity, ranging from ideas to start-ups in the process of growth, to solutions that are already commercialised and seeking new markets. All these solutions, selected by experts, have been deemed effective in the fight against climate change as well as economically viable. The target of 1’000 solutions set by the Solar Impulse Foundation was reached and surpassed in April, with a total of 1’100 labelled solutions.

Among these innovative solutions from all over the world, no less than 14 start-ups supported by the FIT have obtained the Solar Impulse certification:

This certification is a proof to these start-ups’ commitment against climate change. FIT is looking forward to supporting many more entrepreneurs in this effort and contributing to their positive impact.