100’000 CHF Tech Seed loan for Isochronic and its revolutionary industrial robots

FIT | 20 May 2021

Industrial robots have become part of our daily lives, replacing, complementing or supplementing human action. As a matter of fact, more than half a million robots are sold every year in the world, a market which is only set to grow even faster, with technology also evolving at a rapid pace. In this highly specialized sector, the start-up Isochronic is beginning to make a name for itself with its totally revolutionary new type of industrial robot. A new robotic era is underway, which FIT is happy to support with a loan of 100’000 francs.

The growing world population requires efficient industrial production systems. Although industrial robots are more and more widely used, certain tasks have until now required human intervention or the mobilisation of several robots: for instance, the production of countless food-, medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as all kinds of microtechnology components. Parts need individual picking & placement due to their fragility, risk of damaging or contamination and precision requirements. Current generation industrial robots are too slow and wasteful in terms of energy consumption to keep up with the large number of products which need to be moved.

Isochronic’s industrial robot, which is based on a novel, patented kinematic, allows transporting parts in parallel using only a single robot. Common pick & place applications can thus be vastly accelerated compared to currently available solutions. An extraordinary advance, which opens the way to a multitude of new uses! By completely optimising the operation with a single robot, Isochronic also considerably reduces the floor space required to achieve the same throughput that was previously achieved by several robots. In addition, the new robot architecture offers a much larger working envelope, i.e. a significantly enlarged part transfer distance. Thanks to a significant reduction in moving masses, production systems based on Isochronic’s technology will also be a lot more energy efficient.

The genesis of Isochronic AG was the brainchild of three people: Dr. Melvin Haas, Founder and CEO of the start-up and original inventor of the technology. At his side is Dr. Albrecht Lindner, VP Software & Controls, with over 10 years of experience in R&D engineering. The trio is brilliantly rounded off by Pierre-Alain Buchs, VP Hardware, with more than 25 years of experience in the packaging and mechanical engineering industry.

Within weeks after the start-up’s birth, the team had grown to around seven contributors which complement the founding team’s expertise in key areas such as software and algorithm development, high-speed motion control, electrical engineering, and intellectual property development.

Isochronic has received numerous awards and support since its creation, starting with the first place in the “Innovation-by-Design Challenge” competition organised by the ECAL as well as another prize offered by the City of Renens. The company also has the support of several industrial and academic partners such as the HEIG-VD, ETML and the EPFL, and of course the Canton of Vaud. Isochronic obtained the support of Venture Kick and the “Core Coaching” of Innosuisse as well as several research & technology development grants. Most recently, Isochronic was awarded the PERL innovation prize of “Lausanne Region” in May 2021.

The CHF 100,000 loan granted by FIT will enable the start-up to continue the development, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of its new type of industrial robot in line with the needs of its pilot customers.

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Dr. Melvin Haas, Founder & CEO / info@isochronic.com
Isochronic AG, Route de la Pâle 14, 1026 Denges (VD)